Early Cancer Detection Test


The early cancer detection test can accurately identify more than 70 types of cancer, even at its earliest stages, including stage zero.

Detecting cancer early is crucial as it often leads to improved prognosis and treatment outcomes.

This is one of the most advanced early detection tests currently available.

Cancer is more manageable in its initial stages before spreading to other areas of the body. Early detection allows for less invasive treatments, higher chances of successful outcomes, and fewer adverse effects. 

Additionally, detecting cancer at an early stage enables the identification of individuals at higher risk, leading to more proactive and thorough screening and monitoring. Ultimately, early detection is essential for improving survival rates and reducing cancer-related deaths.

  • We will schedule an initial online consultation with one of our medical doctors to review your medical history and determine if you are suitable to undergo the test.
  • Patient must be over 35 years old.
  • No past history of a cancer diagnosis. 
  • Not received a blood transfusion in the last 72hrs
  • Taking Antibiotics, steroid tablets