Brand video - Optimise health - Who we are and What we do?

Dr. Adriana Taralli - Biography

Dr. Melanie - Why Consultations? How do we make a Hyper personalised program for every patient?

Why testing? Dr. Melanie: The power of testing

What is Functional and Anti-ageing medicine? Dr. Melanie, Optimise Health-medical company

Dr. Melanie - Why Intravenous therapy?

The main goal of functional medicine - Anti-aging and Prevention - Dr. Adriana Taralli, naturopathic doctor practicing biological medicine.

Health Risk profile - the power of testing

An Envirotox panel - Full health Screening. We can test over 200 biomarkers

Steve Varsano - Why Optimise Health? Steve Varsano, founder at the Jet business, shares his impressions of Optimise Health

Benefits of Glutathione - Dr. Melanie

Benefits of amino Acids - Dr. Melanie

Benefits of Resveratrol - Dr. Melanie

NAD - the most powerful anti-ageing molecule

Dr. Melanie talks about her professional development and her passion –
functional medicine