DNA Diet


This is a DNA based test that will reveal the genes that are affecting your body’s ability to lose or gain weight. It will also reveal how your body responds to diet and exercise.

This package includes :

  • A test kit for self collection
  • Labarotory report


Genes involved in regulation of energy expenditure, appetite, and fat metabolism, all play an important role in weight regulation. Thus, identifying an individual’s responsiveness to diet and lifestyle modification to control weight can be very beneficial. DNA Diet tests for 15 genes that impact your metabolism and the way your body responds to exercise. By identifying the genetic predispositions unique to your body and by combining that with adequate dietary changes and exercise programmes you can gain optimal results with your weight management journey.


The DNA Diet Test Report will provide:


  1. The level of impact of any genetic variants identified
  2. An explanation of their impact on weight management
  3. Appropriate nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, including: weight management priorities, diet plan principles and exercise planning
  4. Strategies for weight management based on genetic make-up
  5. An understanding of why previous weight management programmes may have been unsuccessful
  6. Insight into which diet type may be most suited to an individual to manage weight, based on genotype

You will be sent a test kit for self collection (dried blood spot sample).

This test requires no special diet prior to collection.