Man Inspect


This package includes a visit from our nurse to obtain blood samples, a comprehensive lab report and a follow-up consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss and analyse findings. 

The test examines the status of over 88 biomarkers including hormones, homocysteine and fasting insulin and other comprehensive markers to assess functions including thyroid, iron, blood sugar management, enzyme status and cholesterol function.

This test includes an overall comprehensive analysis and testing of the whole body systems, functions and biochemistry of men.

Man Inspect analyses general health status and vitality, including hormones and sexual health markers. It identifies areas of dysfunction, as well as symptoms that require a comprehensive investigation.

In addition, analytical and interpretive software analyses the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.

This package includes :

  • Blood sample collection performed by an experienced nurse at a location of your choice
  • Laboratory report 
  • Online follow-up consultation with our practitioners to analyse the results 
  • A Comprehensive report, prepared by the practitioner, summarising the lab results and main concerns, outlining health goals and devising a roadmap to achieve them

This test offers a comprehensive analysis, starting from vitamin, hormone and mineral levels, through proteins, iron, enzyme and glucose levels. It also investigates specific cardiovascular, liver and prostate markers. It can also give further information about your immune system function, muscle-skeletal health and even your thyroid function.

A health report is then formulated based on your test results. The Health Report provides a unique insight into the state of previously hidden health trends. It will reveal every imbalance that needs to be taken into consideration and identifies the key factors that obstruct you from achieving optimal physiological, biochemical, and metabolic function in your body.


Full Biomarkers:

  • Blood Chemistry: Basophils %, Basophils No, Eosinophils %, Eosinophils No, Haematocrit, Haemoglobin, Lymphocytes %, Lymphocytes No, MCH – Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin, MCHC – Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration, MCV – Mean Corpuscular Volume, Monocytes %, Monocytes No, MPV (Mean Platelet Volume), Neutrophil: Lymphocyte Ratio, Neutrophils %, Neutrophils No, Platelets, RBC’s, RDW, WBC’s
  • Electrolytes: Bicarbonate, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium, Sodium Potassium Ratio
  • Enzymes: Amylase, Lipase
  • Hormones: DHEA-sulphate, Estradiol E2, FSH, LH, Progesterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Testosterone Bioavailable Calc, Testosterone Free Calc, Testosterone Total
  • Inflammation: CRP, ESR, Fibrinogen, Homocysteine, HsCRP
  • Iron: Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, Total Iron Binding, Capacity, Transferrin, Transferrin Saturation %, UIBC
  • Kidney Function: Creatinine, eGFR, Urea, Urea / Creatinine Ratio
  • Lipids: Cholesterol Total, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, HDL cholesterol, LDL / HDL ratio, LDL Cholesterol, Non-HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Triglycerides / HDL ratio, VLDL
  • Liver & Gallbladder: ALP, ALT, AST, AST:ALT Ratio, Bilirubin, Direct, Bilirubin indirect, Bilirubin Total, Gamma GT / GGT, LDH
  • Metabolic: Anion Gap, Creatine Kinase, Uric Acid
  • Minerals & Metals: Calcium, Calcium : Albumin ratio, Calcium : Phosphorous ratio, Magnesium Serum, Phosphorus
  • Prostate: PSA total
  • Proteins: Albumin, Albumin/Globulin Ratio, Globulin, Total Protein
  • Sugars: ALT:AST ratio, C Peptide, Estimated, Average Glucose, Glucose, HBA1C, Insulin (fasting)
  • Thyroid: Free t3, Free t4, Total T3, Total T4, TSH
  • Vitamins: Folate Serum, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 (25 OH)

Please note samples must be collected by Thursday at 10:00am 
Please read the instructions thoroughly prior to sample collection. 

Please make sure you are well hydrated prior to procedure. 

  • Stop mineral/vitamin containing supplements for 24h to 48h prior to sample collection.
  • Fast for 12h prior to sample collection 
  • No need to stop medications that you take prior, however it is recommended to consult your physician