Viral Antibody


This test shows if your body has developed antibodies or is currently fighting against viral infections that tend to stay dormant.

Some infections can stay hidden in our body and even remain asymptomatic while causing inflammation and harm to our organs, compromising our overall health.

This package includes :

  • Blood sample collection performed by an experienced nurse at a location of your choice
  • Laboratory report 

A viral test will detect antibodies that form in response to the presence of certain viruses in your body. These viruses grow only in our living cells. They can cause disease by destroying or damaging the cells they infect, changing their DNA, or causing inflammation that can impact organ function. The most common types of viral antibodies tested are Influenza A CFT CMV, Influenza B CFT HSV 1, Measles, IgG HSV 2, Measles IgM, Mumps IgG, Mumps IgM, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Adenovirus, Chlamydia and Q fever.

There are no special requirements prior to sample collection.