Vitamin C


This drip contains high levels of Vitamin C that can help strengthen your body’s natural defence mechanisms and boost the immune system 

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and powerful antioxidant that facilitates the growth and repair of tissues, strengthens the immune system, and guards the body against diseases, including strokes, heart disease, gout, heavy metal toxicities, and even some types of cancer. This vitamin is also required for the body to produce collagen, giving you healthy youthful skin and strong bones.

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The human body does not make or store vitamin C, thus you need to nourish your body with vitamin C on a daily basis. Deficiencies of this vitamin have been linked to an impaired ability to think and remember as well as the development of dementia.

When administered via IV, the body can hold and use a much higher amount of vitamin C for greater benefit compared to oral ingestion. Studies show that high amounts of vitamin C increase your body’s ability to fight bacterial and viral infections, and even reduce the risk of cancer. 

High-dose vitamin C IV therapy is used to:

  • Improve your skin texture and make it glow
  • Boost your immune system to fight stress, flu, colds, and low energy
  • Reduce risk of heart disease 
  • Protect against gout attacks
  • Accelerate wound healing 
  • Accelerate collagen production for healthy bones and blood vessels
  • Boost energy by facilitating fat breakdown
  • Improve iron absorption, which is  essential for making red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Protect against oxidative stress and inflammation near the brain, spine, and nerves

Key Ingredients

Vitamin C 

At Optimise Health we believe that the patients needs should always come first. That is why we make sure we can offer our patients a wide variety of over 120 different ingredients, and create customised protocols and intravenous therapies, specifically tailored to a patients individual needs. In order to provide excellent medical care we use only the highest quality of botanical isolates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and  antioxidants.

Our approach is centred around customisation, which means our doctors create bespoke intravenous combinations that can also include medications for pain, antinausea, antivirals alongside nootropics, longevity molecules and polyphenols . Furthermore the dosages vary depending on the patient and their health state. 

We are firm believers that functional medicine is about looking at the patient as a whole, including amending lifestyle and dietary habits in combination with health optimisation guidelines and individualised protocols.

Subject to consultation.

Intravenous administration. Diluted in 0.9% NaCl solution.

Please ensure that you drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is essential to a smooth procedure.

Duration procedure: around 20 -35 minutes