Toxic Elements


This test uses urine samples to test your body for toxic element exposure, such as heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminium, Nickel, Lead and others.

With more heavy metals in our food and environment than ever before, testing can be extremely beneficial in identifying the level of those substances in our system. If high levels of these metals are detected in your body, this can lead to serious health risks. Laboratory testing is an important tool for detecting and managing toxic element exposure, mostly because our body does not physically indicate the presence of these elements. The longer the toxins stay hidden, the more build up, increasing the risk of consistent, progressive damage in our bodies.

This package includes :

  • A test kit for self collection
  • Laboratory report 
  • Online follow-up consultation with our practitioners to analyse the results 
  • A Comprehensive report, prepared by the practitioner, summarising the lab results and main concerns, outlining health goals and devising a roadmap to achieve them


The buildup of toxic elements in the body, over a long period of time, can weaken the immune system. More importantly, high levels of heavy metals can lead to more serious conditions that might not have obvious symptoms, until the buildup is substantial.

This panel will examine toxic elements- metals with no known benefits that can have adverse effects. Moreover, they can challenge the detoxification function of our liver and kidneys, subjecting them to a much higher workload. If detected on time, adequate actions can be taken to stimulate your body's natural detoxification pathways and bring everything back in balance.

Although we can’t completely control our heavy metal intake, we can do things to reduce our absorption of them. Modifying our environment and lifestyle can help to reduce toxic exposure, and lower the overall toxic build in our body.

You will be sent a test kit for self collection (urine sample).

  1. Avoid fish and shellfish for a minimum of 5 days prior to collecting your sample.
  2. Avoid mineral containing nutritional supplements for 24 hours prior to collecting your sample.